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Welcome to our blog, covering the Design Council / HEFCE fact finding visit to Europe.
As part of the process to develop and implement recommendations from the
'Cox Review of Creativity in Business', and following a successful mission to the US in 2006, a group of academics and policy makers are visiting universities and design firms the Netherlands, Denmark and Finland. We were looking at multidisciplinary centres and courses that combine management, technology and design in order to develop creative and innovative graduates and businesses. Insights and information from the visit will inform proposals that UK universities and regional bodies are developing in response to the Cox review.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


A full itinerary, including hotels & travel is available here.

Monday, 10 Sept. '07, Delft, Netherlands
15:00-17:00 Delft Technical University
Jan Schoormans - Professor of Consumer Research and Head of the Department of Innovation and Management, Richard Goossens - Industrial Design, Prabhu Kandachar - Design Engineering, Helma van Rijn - Studiolab, Product Innovation & Management - Oscar Person

Tuesday, 11 Sept. '07, Eindhoven, Netherlands
09:00-10:30 Design Academy Eindhoven
Yolande van Kessel, Head of Education
11:00-12:30 Technical University Eindhoven
Professor Jeu Schouten, Dean of Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Dr. L.J. Asselbergs, Policy staff member Industrial Design
13:30-15:30 Philips Design
Hans Robertus, Senior Director, Philips DesignSteven Kyffin, Senior Director, Philips Design

Wednesday, 12 Sept. '07, Aarhus, Denmark
09:30-11:00 Kaos Pilots
Christer Lidzélius, Chief Executive Officer + Team
11:15-13:30 Designit
Mikal Hallstrup, Managing Director + Team of Designers
13:30-14:30 Zentropa Workz - Workcamp07
Michael Thomsen, Managing partner, Trine Middelbo Sørensen, University of Copenhagen

Thursday, 13 Sept. '07, Helsinki, Finland
09:30-11:45 University of Art & Design, Helsinki School of Creative Entrepreneurship and International Design Business Management Programme
Rector Sotamaa, University of Art & Design Helsinki, Peter Kelly, Helsinki School of Creative Entrepreneurship, Markku Salimäki, International Design Business Management Program
12:15-15:30 Nokia
Bill Sermon
16:00-17:30 Kone
Anne Stenros, Vice President, Design

Friday, 14 Sept. '07, Helsinki, Finland
09:30-11:00 Helsinki University of Technology
Kalevi Ekman, Head of Product Design
11:30-13:00 Desigence
Mr. Heikki Rajasalo, Mr. Antti Pitkanen Mrs, Virva Haltsonen
14:30-16:00 Group Discussion hosted by Culminatum

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