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Welcome to our blog, covering the Design Council / HEFCE fact finding visit to Europe.
As part of the process to develop and implement recommendations from the
'Cox Review of Creativity in Business', and following a successful mission to the US in 2006, a group of academics and policy makers are visiting universities and design firms the Netherlands, Denmark and Finland. We were looking at multidisciplinary centres and courses that combine management, technology and design in order to develop creative and innovative graduates and businesses. Insights and information from the visit will inform proposals that UK universities and regional bodies are developing in response to the Cox review.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Mike Goatman

The Eindhoven Design Academy is a very pleasant and stimulating place to be. Everyone there is positive, well presented, and it feels like I remember Design schools used to. They didn’t say anything new, but maybe design in this category is timeless! 50 tutors who come in on a one day a week basis, working designers – interesting.

The Eindhoven Technical University was impressive in that the department we visited was based in industrial design as a human activity (humanising technology?) in an engineering environment, and they are approaching some of the parameters of relating the two disciplines. The student who presented was very impressive. I think these institutions must be government subsidised. There isn’t the frenetic push of the UK environment which is pleasant, but maybe the push gives an edge.

Philips design was very interesting. Hans Robertus presented well about the changing environment and how Philips Design is ideas driven now, and presented their concepts that have to be convincing throughout the organisation. If we wanted a confirmation of the Cox Report concepts of changing commercial dimensions then this certainly gave it. Very exciting time, where ideas count, also big unknowns. A time to shape the future?

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