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Welcome to our blog, covering the Design Council / HEFCE fact finding visit to Europe.
As part of the process to develop and implement recommendations from the
'Cox Review of Creativity in Business', and following a successful mission to the US in 2006, a group of academics and policy makers are visiting universities and design firms the Netherlands, Denmark and Finland. We were looking at multidisciplinary centres and courses that combine management, technology and design in order to develop creative and innovative graduates and businesses. Insights and information from the visit will inform proposals that UK universities and regional bodies are developing in response to the Cox review.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Niti Bhan

The Dutch have embraced being human centered as an integral part of their design philosophy, at least as far one could tell from the places we visited. They are walking the talk in the work that they are doing and that they showed us. There is a depth and breadth that they bring to their early stage research in order to understand the user – this empathy was coming through clearly in the presentations made in every location, though each is very different from each other. This resonance with the needs of the user, the emphasis on the experience, the concept of service and quality, particularly the deep dive immersion into medical knowledge – engineering students at TU Delft learn anatomy by dissection for example – seems to be the secret behind the success of Dutch design and innovation.

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